1. General Conditions

1.1. The language service of i2istudy (hereinafter - i2istudy) proposes its users to use the service for the study of foreign languages, available at www.i2istudy.com (hereinafter - Service) according to the condition set forth in this User Agreement (hereinafter - Agreement), available at www.i2istudy.com/agreement, and this Privacy Policy, available at the address www.i2istudy.com/privacy.

1.2. The term "User" refers to the registered owner of the user account (§ 3.2.) within the Service.

1.3. The service offers users access to language training using specially developed lessons to help communicate with native speakers. All currently existing services at the moment, as well as any other which may be in development and/or the addition of any new services are subject to this Agreement.

1.4. These Regulations shall come into force upon the moment in which the User agrees to their terms in the manner prescribed by paragraph 7.1. in the Agreement.

1.5. When you begin using the Service, the User has been deemed to have accepted this Agreement and Privacy Policy in full, with no exceptions. If you disagree with any one of the provisions of this document, the User does not have the right to use the Service.

1.6. The user must immediately stop using the Service in the case of which i2istudy has made any changes to this Agreement with which the user does not agree, in the manner prescribed by paragraph 7.1. of this Agreement.

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