4. Exclusive Rights

4.1. All elements that are available while using the Service, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, video, software, databases, music, sounds and other items (hereinafter - Content) are subject to the exclusive rights which are reserved to i2istudy and protected by law and agreements with regard to intellectual property.

4.2. Using the Content as well as with any other elements within i2istudy is possible only within i2istudy and cannot be used otherwise without the prior explicit permission of the copyright holder. By using the Content it is taken in consideration, including: reproduction, copying, processing or distribution of any kind, etc.

4.3. The User's use of the content and elements of i2istudy, as well as any other content for your own personal non-commercial use is permitted provided that all signs of copyright and related rights, trademarks, and other notices of authorship, save the name (or alias) of the author/copyright holder name remains unchanged, retaining the Contents in the corresponding unaltered state.

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