6. Disclaimer of Warranty Liability, and Limitation of Liability

6.1. The Service is provided "as is" and is used by the user's at the user’s own risk and without any warranties. i2istudy makes no guarantees or warranties or guarantees any kind of liability, express, implied or statutory under obligation of law, regarding quality assurance, performance, non-infringement, as well as the suitability for use for a specific purpose. Furthermore, i2istudy does not guarantee a constant readiness to work and maintain the availability of the Service, its smooth, timely, secure, error-free operation, as well as safe, complete and error-free transmission of information. i2istudy does not guarantee the availability of an Internet connection and the data transmission over the Internet, as well as the quality of communication which is performed by the software.

6.2. The User acknowledges and agrees to the fact that i2istudy assumes no liability, including contract and civil law, regardless of whether i2istudy is notified to the possibility of such loss or damage for any consequences of use of services which is provided free of charge. The sole remedy of the User in terms of problems or in the case of the unsatisfactory performance of the Service is the prompt rejection of the use of the Service.

6.3. i2istudy assumes in no way any liability, including contract and civil law, regardless of whether or not i2istudy is notified of the possibility of such loss or damage:

6.3.1. for any incidental, special, happen-stance or consequential damages;

6.3.2. for any loss of income, business, income (real or projected) and opportunities, as well as for damage to social or business reputation (both direct and indirect);

6.3.3. for any damage or data corruption (both direct and indirect).

6.4. Under no circumstances will the total liability of i2istudy in connection of loss of property of the User i2istudy under or in connection with these Terms (including contractual or civil liability) shall exceed, in the aggregate paid by the User for use of the Service in the 12 months preceding the date of the event resulting in a lawsuit, and in any case shall not exceed one hundred euros.

6.5. If any third party makes a claim against i2istudy in connection with a breach by the User of these Terms, or any breach by the User of existing laws or regulations, or infringement by the User of any third party rights (including any kind of intellectual property rights), or if a complaint is filed against the User with respect to any User Content; or as a result of the events listed in paragraph 7, the User agrees to protect i2istudy from any kind of responsibility and in addition agrees to reimburse all costs and losses, in order to pay any compensation claims and other expenses (including any reasonable legal costs in connection with the event) related to such claim.

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