3.5. The User does not reserve the right to:

3.5.1. intercept, listen to, disrupt or interfere with any User in any way which is not intended for the exchange of information;

3.5.2. use any software code ("viruses", "Trojan horses", "worms", etc.) which are designed to distort, delete, imitate, damage or create a breach in the integrity of the operation of the Service and transmitted information;

3.5.3. distribute without the consent of the recipients of mass commercial oriented messages (also known as "spam”) which are prohibited by the relevant provisions of the law, or use the Service to carry out illegal acts, or impersonate yourself as another person;

3.5.4. send materials to other users, which is listed in detail in paragraph 3.3.3.;

3.5.5. use the Service in order to collect any private or identifying information, including data about other User accounts;

3.5.6. influence or attempt to influence the availability of services, in particular through attacks on the DOS (denial of service - Denial of Service) or DDoS (distributed denial of service - distributed denial of service);

3.5.7. use and launch any kind of automated systems, including but not limited to, "robots", "spiders", "off-line readers of the program", etc., in order to access the Service. The exceptions are reserved for the operators of public search engines using the following programs, "spiders” in order to copy materials from the Service for the purpose of creating public search index materials.

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