3.2. The User’s Personal Account

3.2.1. Before the first use of the Service the user is prompted to create a user account either by specifying the email address and password, or using authentication data of third party providers to identify the user through its own account. Even if the user has registered an account with a third party, the user will be asked to specify a password for subsequent changes to the account. It is recommended that you use a password that is not simple to guess and that consists of letters, numbers and special characters.

3.2.2. The Use of the Service in its entirety can only be done through a user account. The User is fully responsible for all their actions performed during the use of the user’s account. In order to prevent unauthorized use, it is recommended to keep your password secret, do not disclose it to third parties and do not use it to access Web sites or third-party services. If you suspect that your password could be found by someone else, the user is strongly recommended to immediately change the password in order to protect the confidentiality of your user account.

3.2.3. You are allowed to use the Service for informational purposes only without using a user account, in which case, the user is given a limited set of functions.

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