What is i2istudy?

What is i2istudy?

It is an international community where people teach each other foreign languages.
i2istudy – is an easy and effective way to speak a foreign language without any training.

Why is it free?

Because i2istudy uses the principle of Time Banking.
Here anyone can be both a Student and a Teacher.

  • As a Student you study a foreign language.
  • As a Teacher you teach your native language or a language that you know well.

You share your language with each other, using not your money, but your time and knowledge as a currency. That is how the system becomes free!

i2istudy languages

The system is built in a way that allows adding any amount of languages simply translating the lessons. After that one can choose either two languages to communicate in!
At the moment English, Russian, German and Spanish are in the system.

How did the i2istudy project begin?

The founders of the project are a group of linguists, programmers and entrepreneurs experienced in creating large Internet projects.

We noticed that the most effective way of teaching is when a person studies face to face with another person, and, unlike math, for instance, almost every person in the world has a perfect command of their native language, or at least its conversational version.

We realized that the native language is a precious thing that can be an object of exchange. Teaching your native language you can get lessons in a foreign language in exchange.

However, the difficulty is that sometimes there is nothing to talk about even in your native language and with a person you know: «How are things? », «The weather is so good today!», «Are you still working in the same company?»... and that’s it. Now, we needed two unacquainted people to be able to talk for a long time in a foreign language, teaching each other at the same time!

Then a question arose: «How are people going to teach?» Speaking a language is one thing, but teaching it to someone else is another! How can that be done? A difficult problem, isn’t it? But we found a way to solve it.

We created a new model of on-line studying, which had not existed before i2istudy:

  • studying face to face with a system of slides
  • according to the principle of Timebanking
  • free, simply, on the spot

What are two-sided slides for the student and the teacher?

Together with professional tutors we created lessons in the form of “two-sided” slides for the student and the teacher. Communicating via video chat, each of them acts according to his own version of the slides (every slide shown to the student has a corresponding slide shown to the teacher).

“Two-sided” slides for the student.
two-sided slides for the student
“Two-sided” slides for the teacher.
two-sided slides for the teacher

The lesson is written for the teacher in advance “from A to Z” by small portions – slides, which contain short step-by-step instructions, so that an ordinary person could easily follow them and, as a result, act as a teacher.

For example: repeat a word three times for the student to remember it; ask the student a question (the teacher sees the right answer); read a text aloud etc. Apart from that, due to a well thought-out system of hints even a zero-level student, who doesn’t know a word of the language, can communicate with a native speaker!

Key advantages of i2istudy

  • We digitalized the methodology of teaching. Thereby it is in in the system and not in the mind of a professional teacher.
  • We provided an opportunity of working as a teacher for anyone who knows their native language.
  • We gave two unacquainted people speaking different languages a topic for a conversation!

i2istudy principles

Adults are like kids!

That is why the process of communication between the teacher and the student takes the form of a game – it is lively, interesting, dynamic, there are pictures and movies that have been prepared in advance. Interesting modern topics for conversations have been selected.

Nobody does homework!

That is why a Student goes through all the basic stages of learning a language, which are impossible to do without if you want to achieve the desirable results, in the company of a Teacher and in the form of a game: reading, writing, dialogues, learning by heart, listening comprehension, retelling.

No emphasis on grammar!

The majority of adults are irritated with constant corrections of their grammar mistakes made by the teacher. That is why the goal of i2istudy is to make the person speak, remove the fear of communication. Grammar is learnt little by little through frequent repetition.

Here and now!

Nowadays people have a problem finding time for studying. That is why you can learn a foreign language on i2istudy whenever you have free time. One doesn’t have to adapt to their teacher’s schedule or go to a language school.

Who are they – the students and teachers on i2istudy?

They are active people, whose occupation requires them to spend much time in front of a computer.

They are those who want to brush up their knowledge of a foreign language but don’t have an opportunity to visit a tutor or have one come to their place and overpay for that.

They are people who want to study whenever they have free time – at a lunch break, while the baby is sleeping, simply when they have a free evening.

They are those who would love to talk to native speakers but don’t have foreign friends.

Those who don’t want to slave over textbooks and do homework on their own, but simply communicate in a foreign language without concentrating on grammar.

i2istudy team

Serial entrepreneur; has experience of working in the IT field that goes back to school years; founder of several successful Internet companies. Has never worked as a hired employee!!! Regular half marathon runner.

Professional linguist; speaks Russian, German and English. Coach, keep-fit trainer, the face of a fitness club. Has experience of working in the press service of large companies. An aspiring writer.

An outstanding programmer; expert in working with databases and user interfaces. Team leader. More than 8 years of experience in working as the head of Internet companies. A natural blond with a rare shade.

Entrepreneur with various and paradoxical experience. PR and marketing specialist. Speaks four languages: Russian, Turkish, Tatar and English.

The most responsible and exigent employee; a romantic inwardly, but as tough as nails when it comes to work. Deals with the juridical part of our affairs.

Programmer, specialist in interfaces and usability; has vast experience of working in Internet companies. Capable of working 24 hours a day.

A person living in social networks; operator, video and audio editor, specialist in lighting and shooting. Incredibly enduring.

PR-specialist, linguist, speaks German, Russian, English; is now leaning Spanish. Life of the party; professional video director and an amateur photographer; regular participant and winner of vocal contests.

Linguist, speaks Russian, German and English; is now learning Hebrew and Japanese. Regular cosplayer; keen on Japanese culture.

English native speaker, linguist; speaks English and Russian. Professional teacher. Recorded several audiobooks as well as educational materials. Grew up in Seattle, lives in Russia. Several time winner in cycling competitions.

German native speaker. Lawyer. Speaks German, English, Russian and French; a volunteer. Was born in Germany. The most organized employee in the company.

Spanish native speaker; speaks Spanish, Russian and English. Student, activist. Was born in Colombia. Life goal – to travel all over the world.

Spanish native speaker from Ecuador. Came to Russia to study. Young, cheerful, active. Salsa dancer. Likes snow.

Where is i2istudy situated

i2istudy is represented by three companies: «АйТуАй» LLC (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia), «i2istudy» SIA (Riga, Latvia) and i2istudy Inc (San Francisco, CA, USA, phone 415-952-7052).

However our employers live and work constantly “all over the world”: two people in San Francisco, 1 person in Riga, 1 person in Tel Aviv, 1 person in Barcelona, 2 people in Caracas, 1 person in Frankfurt, 1 person in Kazan, 8 people in Nizhny Novgorod.

How to contact us

Press the red button “Give us your feedback” in the in the lower right-hand corner of i2istudy website. Type your message in the dialog box that appears. Or send us an e-mail to promo@i2istudy.com

Thank you for joining us!

i2istudy tech support