Fry up some pancakes or do some sports?

August 20, 2014

Hooray! New lessons are now available on i2istudy!
Choose a lesson according to your level and learn together with your friends!

Preschool level: I, you, he, she!

Teacher: "Billy, name two pronouns."
Billy: "Who, me?"
Teacher: "Very good!"

How many pronouns do you know? Study this lesson and learn to speak about yourself and about others! :)

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Beginner level: Making pancakes

Once a woman came to her neighbor, who was making pancakes.
"Help yourself!", she said. The guest ate the pancakes so fast, praising them, so that the hostess couldn't even keep up with her, her neighbor was eating them so quickly.
"Your pancakes are awesome, but a bit thick."
"That's because you are eating 2 pancakes at a time!"

Let's learn how to make pancakes in order not to have to visit our neighbor, but rather to invite our friends and eat pancakes together! Bon Appetit! :)

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Intermediate level: Sports in the city

A young man was doing push-ups in the park near the walkway. While an old man was passing by, he said:
"You are wasting you time, she isn't looking at you anymore, she has already left!"

We are not going to the park, we are going to the gym! Let's remember some exercises that make our body stronger. We will learn what these exercises have in common and what the differences between them are. Then we'll really be able to enjoy the process! ;)

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Advanced level: Who are vegetarians?

"Waiter, why are there artificial flowers here in a vase? In a 5-star restaurant, there should be real flowers!"
"You're right. But, ever since we became a vegetarian restaurant, our guests have thought that fresh flowers are an appetizer." :)

After you study this lesson, you'll understand for sure what vegetarians really eat or don't eat, also you'll learn how to cook couscous and you'll even work as a waiter! Good luck! ;)

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