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March 4, 2015

My name is Johanna and I was born in the Dominican Republic, so my native language is Spanish. At the moment I live in Curaçao, where I learnt Papiamento, Dutch and English. Unfortunately, I do not have an advanced level of English due to a lack of practice. Apart from that, I would like to brush up my Dutch some more, why not?

I am fascinated by foreign languages and I am always open to learn something new about them. On i2istudy I am learning German, English and Russian. I also hope that later the website will have other languages, such as French and Dutch. In my free time I teach, study, do sports and read sometimes.

I am very interested in learning languages, as we are living in a global world. Knowing languages is not only useful for living abroad, but also very important for finding a good job. I also love traveling!

I am not only a native speaker, but also a teacher of Spanish. As a teacher I can say that it is not only important to have a good knowledge of the language one is studying, but also to be open to other languages. This project seems an excellent idea to me, since it helps to learn, overcoming the fear of speaking in foreign languages and at the same time enjoying the process of studying. It should be mentioned, that the best way to learn a language is by talking, still better – talking with a native speaker. With i2istudy it is possible.

Cheer up! Teach me your native language and I will teach you Spanish!

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