Spanish week results on i2istudy

March 24, 2015

The Spanish week on i2istudy was a great success! Even though it is over, conversations continue!

i2istudy still brings people, who want to share their language, together. One of them, Luis, not only loves his language, he is one of the most active Spanish teachers on i2istudy.

Hello! My name is Luis. I'm from Venezuela and I live in Ciudad Guayana. I like reading and new technology. I love cats and good music.

My native language is Spanish. I'm learning English, and would like to learn Portuguese and French. I think that knowing foreign languages is always useful! You never know when the knowledge would come in handy. Besides, knowing foreign languages allows meeting people from other countries and learning their culture. I know that if I work hard enough, I will reach my goals.

Thank you to the creators of the i2istudy project.

For sure, with i2istudy you and I easily learn for fun.

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