What is i2istudy?

This is an international community where people teach each other foreign languages. i2istudy is a simple and effective way to speak a foreign language without any special preparation.

Attention! In order to successfully work as a teacher or student, it is necessary to:
connect headphones (otherwise you might heard an echo),
connect the microphone.
a camera is recommended but not mandatory.

Your browser must support Flash or WebRTC.
If your browser does not support Flash or WebRTC, we recommend you use Google Chrome or the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

What languages can you study or teach on i2istudy?

At the moment there are four languages available: English, German, Spanish and Russian. In the future we are planning to expand the list of available languages. which languages you would like to study on i2istudy.

Why is the service free?

Here anyone can be the teacher or student.

  • As a student, you learn the foreign language.
  • As a teacher, you teach your native language or the language that you know well.

You share your language with each other, using your time and knowledge as a currency rather than money. Thus, the system is free!

Upon registration, each user receives a gift of 30 minutes from i2istudy in order to start learning!

What is the time balance?

We use minutes to calculate your study time. Each new user is given 30 minutes of free study time upon registration. During the lesson, the student’s time used for studying is written off. (The time spent training with the robot is not deducted).

How to refill time balance

  • Teach your native language (or language that you know well), then you will earn minutes, which then can be used to study a foreign language. For example, 45 minutes of teaching the Russian language can provide you with a 45 minute lesson of English with a native speaker of your choice. The more lessons you teach, the more time will be credited to your balance.
  • Send an invitation to your friends who know their native and foreign languages well, ask them to be your student or teacher, and after their registration on i2istudy receive a bonus of 30 minutes.
  • Watch a video about i2istudy, answer the questions and receive 30 minutes as well.
  • Connect to Facebook, Google+ or VK accounts and receive 15 minutes free for each account you connect.
  • Publicize your referral link on your personal page, your blog, social media feeds, or send via e-mail, Skype, Viber or sms ... Anyone who registers as a result of your link will receive 30 minutes as a gift, and you will receive 30 minutes free for each new registered user from your feeds or followers! The more of us, the merrier!

How to study a foreign language

"What can I do as a student?"
The language keyboard which you are learning.
You didn’t understand what the teacher said? Click here and you will see their phrase on your screen.
You didn’t understand what was written? Click here and you will see a translation of the teachers phrase.
  1. You assess your own level (zero, beginner, intermediate or advanced). This information can be changed in your profile.
  2. You choose the topic of the suggested lessons levels.
  3. You can start the lesson with any teacher who is in the network at the moment, or you can invite your friend and learn a foreign language with him.
  4. If you didn’t evaluate your level correctly and your lesson seems too difficult or too easy for you, you can prematurely stop the lesson and change the level.
  5. If circumstances require, you can interrupt the lesson and pick up later where you left off when it suites you, but most probably with a different teacher.
  6. At the end of the lesson you take a short test to determine for yourself how productive your lesson with the teacher was.
  7. There is no homework. After the lesson you have free access to the lesson’s vocabulary so you can revise it any time. You can also revise the given grammar material with the i2i- robot.

The approximate starting age at which lessons on i2istudy will produce results is 10 years.

"Is it possible to learn a language on i2istudy from a starter level?"

Yes, you can. For this profile you need to choose the level, “Zero." At this level, we recommend to go through all the lessons and in the suggested order.

"Is it possible to learn several languages simultaneously?"

Yes, it is possible. You simply need to change the choice of language you're studying on your profile. Do not forget to mark the languages you are studying or teaching on your profile. Without this information, the teachers or the students will not be able to find you. :)

How to teach your native language

"How am I going to teach and prepare lessons? I don’t know how to do it!"

You do not need to be a professional teacher to conduct a lesson. All materials, videos and pictures have already been put in the system in order. You just need to read the teacher tips on the screen and help students pronounce words correctly.


The black text is the task. Read it out loud clearly.
Go through the pictures in order.
Switch between the slides forward/back.
The red text is commentary, it isn’t necessary to read it.
Press in order to see ALL the card numbers.
If the student doesn’t understand, click here and the phrase will be shown to the student on their screen.
After this, if the student still doesn’t understand, click here and the student will see the translation.

According to our experience in conducting lessons, we have found it useful to write the top recommendations which can help the teacher during the lesson. Please take the time to read them.


  1. Switch slides one after another, read the text aloud, clearly following the instructions on each slide. Additional information for you is written in red.
    Your goal as a teacher is to ensure that the student learns new words and expressions, while falling in love with your language! Be positive and smile!
  2. Speak very clearly and slowly! Because:
    • the pronunciation of a native speaker can sound unusual for the hearer;
    • some haven’t even learned how to read in your native language;
    • the conversations take place through a microphone and headphones, which can complicate the communication process.
  3. If the students level is beginner, it is necessary to only read what is written on the slide because the text you read is visible for the student in their native language. Actively use gestures and facial expressions to help the student understand.
  4. In i2istudy there is no homework. The lesson script is aimed at making it easier for you to remember and apply the target vocabulary during the session. Therefore, implement the written instructions exactly as they are given. For example:
    • “repeat it 3 times and write it in chat" – check that the student has repeated and written it.
    • “memorize" - Check that the student has learned the material.
    • “show images" - do not forget to switch the pictures.
  5. If the student makes a long pause, switch to the tips (the big green buttons).
  6. If you feel that you can and want to talk more on a given topic, and the student is happy to go on chatting, then you can ask additional questions that are not in the script of the lesson.
  7. Express yourself! Remember your future sessions depend on the impression you produce on your partner at the moment!


This is a video recording of each lesson with a native speaker. The i2i-robot is easy to use:

  • for revising the material,
  • while waiting for the teacher,
  • when you do not want to chat online, but would like to study something.

The i2i-robot can be easily put on pause and you may return to the lesson at a convenient time. If you study with the i2i-robot without interruption, the entire lesson will take approximately 20 minutes.

The i2i-robot is always online.
Studying with the i2i-robot is absolutely free.
Studying with the i2i-robot does not replenish your time, neither does it spend it!

Lessons on i2istudy

"How do I choose a lesson?"

Teachers and students have the opportunity to choose the topic of the lesson and send a request to study or teach the subject.

"How can I diversify the study process?"

i2istudy is working in the beta mode. Now you are using the first version of the lessons. , topics for discussion; we will take them into consideration when working on our new lessons.

"Can users create their own lesson?"

Not yet. In the future, we are planning to provide an opportunity for good teachers to develop their own lessons in our system.

Audio and video check

i2istudy is using two technologies for the audio and video connections - WebRTC and Flash.

However, it the browser doesn’t support WebRTC or Flash, there will be no connection.

Please check if your browser supports these technologies, so you can communicate with other users.


Press here
to check WebRTC right now
Your browser does not support WebRTC.
It is strongly recommended to use the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.
Do you see yourself? Great! Your camera is working. Say something. Is the slider became green on the bottom, your microphone is also working! No access to camera and microphone.

If you don’t see or hear yourself, then

  1. Your browser does not support WebRTC. It is strongly recommended to use the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.
  2. You need to allow the browser access to your camera and microphone to be seen and heard.

For the Google Chrome users:

If you turned on the Camera and the microphone check for the first time, there will be a window in the browser asking to allow access to your camera and microphone. Press “Allow” button.

If there is no video from your camera, and there is no request to allow browser access, please check if the access is enabled:

  1. Press on the camera icon,
  2. Select "Always allow accessing your camera and microphone"
  3. and press "Done".

After these changes the browser may ask you to reload the page.

If you don’t see or hear yourself, try selecting another camera or the microphone from the list.

More details about the camera and the microphone access are in the Chrome help.

For Mozilla Firefox users:

If it is your first camera and microphone check, the browser will display the dialogue asking you to allow access to the camera and the microphone.

  1. Select the camera and the microphone and
  2. Press “Share Selected Devices”.
  3. Select “Always Share” from the drop down menu to save the settings.

If there is no video and audio, make sure that the camera and the microphone access is not blocked.

  1. Press the lock icon on the left side of the address field,
  2. and select “Allow” under the Use the camera field
  3. and select “Allow” under the Use the microphone field, then reload the page.

If there is no video or audio, try to change the video and audio source. Click on the lock icon to the left of the address field and select the menu “Always ask”, and reload the page. After this, please reload the video/audio check and you will be offered to select other Camera and Microphone devices.

For the Opera users:

If this is the first time you use the camera and the microphone check, there will be a dialogue in the browser asking to allow camera and microphone access. Please press “Allow”.

If there is no video or audio, try to change the video/audio source:

  1. Click on the camera icon to the left of the address filed and check if the camera and the microphone are blocked.
  2. Press “Clear this setting and reload” button.

After reloading the page, run the check again. When asked, select another camera and microphone source and press “Allow”.


For the other user to see and hear you, your browser should have access to the camera and the microphone.

Press here
to check Flash right now
Unfortunately your browser doesn't support Flash.
Please install the Adobe Flash Player.
Do you see yourself? Great! Your camera is working. Say something. Is the slider became green on the bottom, your microphone is also working! No access to camera and microphone.

If there are problems and you don’t see of hear yourself, please properly configure the system.

When asked for Flash access to the camera and the microphone, press the “Allow” button.

If you don’t see or hear yourself, try to select another camera of microphone device from the list.

Dialogue asking to allow access will appear each time. To remember the settings right click on the “Parameters” menu.

Here you can save the browser camera and microphone access settings.

For the Google Chrome users:

If this is the first time you run the check, there will be a dialogue in the browser to access the camera and the microphone. Please press “Allow” in the browser dialogue.

Frequently asked questiones

What if there are no teachers or students on-line?

  • Stay on i2istudy and learn foreign languages with the i2i-robot.
  • Write a message to the person you want to study with, in your letter specify the time which is most suitable for your lesson.
  • Invite a friend. If your friend lives in another country, maybe he or she would be interested in studying your native language, and you can study their native language. You can pair off as a Teacher and a Student and no longer worry about finding a friend for conversations!

What to do if people are bothering you in the site?

If a user is bothering you, you can blacklist this user. To do this click on the icon next to the user name and select the reason. Additionally you can write a comment to the site administrator.

You can unblacklist a user in their profile, or in the "Blacklist" section, which is located in the menu under your name in the upper right corner.

Where can I leave a review or a suggestion?

In the lower right corner of the screen there is a red button: "Send us your opinion". Please e-mail your comments, suggestions, describe technical issues. It is important to us that we can get feedback from users and respond promptly!

Does i2istudy work on mobile phones and tablets?

At the moment i2istudy does not work on mobile phones or Tablet pc’s. Right now this feature is in development.

How often do you need to study a foreign language?

Every day. This is not a joke! If you cannot do a full lesson, then do a lesson with the i2i-robot, just look through the vocabulary and revise the words. If you don’t have time even for that, simply revise a few sentences in a foreign language in your head. Language can be learned only if you use it every day! Let’s get started.

What if several users call me simultaneously?

Choose one user and the rest will be automatically put on hold during the lesson, after the lesson they will be restored.

How does i2istudy make revenues?

The project is bases on the model of freemium which is one of the free functions provided while premium features are available in a subscription. We charge money from those who prefer only to learn, but do not want to teach, as well as a percentage commission with teachers, who want to teach only for the money and are not necessarily interested in learning themselves. However, the time-bank study model (the mutual learning of a foreign language, which has a cost structure based in minutes) remains free and will always be free!

i2istudy tech support