For the other user to see and hear you, your browser should have access to the camera and the microphone.

Press here
to check Flash right now
Unfortunately your browser doesn't support Flash.
Please install the Adobe Flash Player.
Do you see yourself? Great! Your camera is working. Say something. Is the slider became green on the bottom, your microphone is also working! No access to camera and microphone.

If there are problems and you don’t see of hear yourself, please properly configure the system.

When asked for Flash access to the camera and the microphone, press the “Allow” button.

If you don’t see or hear yourself, try to select another camera of microphone device from the list.

Dialogue asking to allow access will appear each time. To remember the settings right click on the “Parameters” menu.

Here you can save the browser camera and microphone access settings.

For the Google Chrome users:

If this is the first time you run the check, there will be a dialogue in the browser to access the camera and the microphone. Please press “Allow” in the browser dialogue.

i2istudy tech support