Frequently asked questiones

What if there are no teachers or students on-line?

  • Stay on i2istudy and learn foreign languages with the i2i-robot.
  • Write a message to the person you want to study with, in your letter specify the time which is most suitable for your lesson.
  • Invite a friend. If your friend lives in another country, maybe he or she would be interested in studying your native language, and you can study their native language. You can pair off as a Teacher and a Student and no longer worry about finding a friend for conversations!

What to do if people are bothering you in the site?

If a user is bothering you, you can blacklist this user. To do this click on the icon next to the user name and select the reason. Additionally you can write a comment to the site administrator.

You can unblacklist a user in their profile, or in the "Blacklist" section, which is located in the menu under your name in the upper right corner.

Where can I leave a review or a suggestion?

In the lower right corner of the screen there is a red button: "Send us your opinion". Please e-mail your comments, suggestions, describe technical issues. It is important to us that we can get feedback from users and respond promptly!

Does i2istudy work on mobile phones and tablets?

At the moment i2istudy does not work on mobile phones or Tablet pc’s. Right now this feature is in development.

How often do you need to study a foreign language?

Every day. This is not a joke! If you cannot do a full lesson, then do a lesson with the i2i-robot, just look through the vocabulary and revise the words. If you don’t have time even for that, simply revise a few sentences in a foreign language in your head. Language can be learned only if you use it every day! Let’s get started.

What if several users call me simultaneously?

Choose one user and the rest will be automatically put on hold during the lesson, after the lesson they will be restored.

How does i2istudy make revenues?

The project is bases on the model of freemium which is one of the free functions provided while premium features are available in a subscription. We charge money from those who prefer only to learn, but do not want to teach, as well as a percentage commission with teachers, who want to teach only for the money and are not necessarily interested in learning themselves. However, the time-bank study model (the mutual learning of a foreign language, which has a cost structure based in minutes) remains free and will always be free!

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