How to study a foreign language

"What can I do as a student?"
The language keyboard which you are learning.
You didn’t understand what the teacher said? Click here and you will see their phrase on your screen.
You didn’t understand what was written? Click here and you will see a translation of the teachers phrase.
  1. You assess your own level (zero, beginner, intermediate or advanced). This information can be changed in your profile.
  2. You choose the topic of the suggested lessons levels.
  3. You can start the lesson with any teacher who is in the network at the moment, or you can invite your friend and learn a foreign language with him.
  4. If you didn’t evaluate your level correctly and your lesson seems too difficult or too easy for you, you can prematurely stop the lesson and change the level.
  5. If circumstances require, you can interrupt the lesson and pick up later where you left off when it suites you, but most probably with a different teacher.
  6. At the end of the lesson you take a short test to determine for yourself how productive your lesson with the teacher was.
  7. There is no homework. After the lesson you have free access to the lesson’s vocabulary so you can revise it any time. You can also revise the given grammar material with the i2i- robot.

The approximate starting age at which lessons on i2istudy will produce results is 10 years.

"Is it possible to learn a language on i2istudy from a starter level?"

Yes, you can. For this profile you need to choose the level, “Zero." At this level, we recommend to go through all the lessons and in the suggested order.

"Is it possible to learn several languages simultaneously?"

Yes, it is possible. You simply need to change the choice of language you're studying on your profile. Do not forget to mark the languages you are studying or teaching on your profile. Without this information, the teachers or the students will not be able to find you. :)

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