How to teach your native language

"How am I going to teach and prepare lessons? I don’t know how to do it!"

You do not need to be a professional teacher to conduct a lesson. All materials, videos and pictures have already been put in the system in order. You just need to read the teacher tips on the screen and help students pronounce words correctly.


The black text is the task. Read it out loud clearly.
Go through the pictures in order.
Switch between the slides forward/back.
The red text is commentary, it isn’t necessary to read it.
Press in order to see ALL the card numbers.
If the student doesn’t understand, click here and the phrase will be shown to the student on their screen.
After this, if the student still doesn’t understand, click here and the student will see the translation.

According to our experience in conducting lessons, we have found it useful to write the top recommendations which can help the teacher during the lesson. Please take the time to read them.


  1. Switch slides one after another, read the text aloud, clearly following the instructions on each slide. Additional information for you is written in red.
    Your goal as a teacher is to ensure that the student learns new words and expressions, while falling in love with your language! Be positive and smile!
  2. Speak very clearly and slowly! Because:
    • the pronunciation of a native speaker can sound unusual for the hearer;
    • some haven’t even learned how to read in your native language;
    • the conversations take place through a microphone and headphones, which can complicate the communication process.
  3. If the students level is beginner, it is necessary to only read what is written on the slide because the text you read is visible for the student in their native language. Actively use gestures and facial expressions to help the student understand.
  4. In i2istudy there is no homework. The lesson script is aimed at making it easier for you to remember and apply the target vocabulary during the session. Therefore, implement the written instructions exactly as they are given. For example:
    • “repeat it 3 times and write it in chat" – check that the student has repeated and written it.
    • “memorize" - Check that the student has learned the material.
    • “show images" - do not forget to switch the pictures.
  5. If the student makes a long pause, switch to the tips (the big green buttons).
  6. If you feel that you can and want to talk more on a given topic, and the student is happy to go on chatting, then you can ask additional questions that are not in the script of the lesson.
  7. Express yourself! Remember your future sessions depend on the impression you produce on your partner at the moment!
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