Why is the service free?

Here anyone can be the teacher or student.

  • As a student, you learn the foreign language.
  • As a teacher, you teach your native language or the language that you know well.

You share your language with each other, using your time and knowledge as a currency rather than money. Thus, the system is free!

Upon registration, each user receives a gift of 30 minutes from i2istudy in order to start learning!

What is the time balance?

We use minutes to calculate your study time. Each new user is given 30 minutes of free study time upon registration. During the lesson, the student’s time used for studying is written off. (The time spent training with the robot is not deducted).

How to refill time balance

  • Teach your native language (or language that you know well), then you will earn minutes, which then can be used to study a foreign language. For example, 45 minutes of teaching the Russian language can provide you with a 45 minute lesson of English with a native speaker of your choice. The more lessons you teach, the more time will be credited to your balance.
  • Send an invitation to your friends who know their native and foreign languages well, ask them to be your student or teacher, and after their registration on i2istudy receive a bonus of 30 minutes.
  • Watch a video about i2istudy, answer the questions and receive 30 minutes as well.
  • Connect to Facebook, Google+ or VK accounts and receive 15 minutes free for each account you connect.
  • Publicize your referral link on your personal page, your blog, social media feeds, or send via e-mail, Skype, Viber or sms ... Anyone who registers as a result of your link will receive 30 minutes as a gift, and you will receive 30 minutes free for each new registered user from your feeds or followers! The more of us, the merrier!
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