I was sitting in front of my computer and smelled fried potatoes, which is interesting because I was intending to boil them.... :)

If you are at home, start boiling potatoes, by the end of the lesson it should be ready. If you are in the office - pour a cup of tea, and make good use of your lunch time! Let`s start our lesson about computers!

  • computador portátil: laptop
  • pantalla: screen
  • ratón: mouse
  • teclado: keyboard
  • auriculares: headphones
  • encender: to switch on
  • apagar: to switch off
  • Navegar en Internet.: I surf the Internet.
  • guardar: to save
  • archivo: file
  • olvidarse: to forget
  • después de trabajar en: after working on
  • Un ordenador portátil no tiene un ratón.: A laptop doesn't have a mouse.
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