Playing cards!

- You know, I found a way to play cards so that I never lose.
- That's impossible! You might win today, but lose tomorrow.
- That's the point! That's why I only play every other day.

Do you know how to spend a few hours having fun? Take a pack of cards with you and this lesson may remind you of the rules of a well-known card game! You can play with your foreign friends!

  • jugador: player
  • baraja: a deck of cards
  • partir por la mitad: to split the deck
  • la carta de arriba: the top card
  • reglas: rules
  • ganador: winner
  • perdedor: loser
  • romper (las reglas): to break (the rules)
  • el juego "Guerra": the game "War"
  • guerra: war
  • paz: peace
  • borracho: a drunk
  • más alta: higher
  • coger, coge: to take, takes
  • recibir: to get
  • las dos: both
  • todas: all
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