At the doctor's

"Prepare your husband for the worst, please."
"Doctor, is he going to die?"
"It's much worse. He will not be able to drink beer..."

It would be cool if every disease were cured like that! But sometimes we have to visit the doctor. This is the kind of situation where we will need the words which we are going to learn in this lesson.

  • doctor [doctor]: doctor
  • cabeza [kabesa]: head
  • dolor [dolor]: ache
  • gripe [greepe]: flu
  • tomar una aspirina [tomar una aspireena]: take an aspirin
  • ir a la cama [eer a la cama]: go to bed
  • Venga otra vez! [Webga otra ves!]: Come back!
  • en cinco (5) días [an sinko deeaz]: in five (5) days
  • Usted necesita... [Usted nethesita...]: You need to...
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