I, you, he, she!

Teacher: "Billy, name two pronouns."
Billy: "Who, me?"
Teacher: "Very good!"

How many pronouns do you know? Study this lesson and learn to speak about yourself and about others!

  • yo [yo]: I
  • tú [tu]: you
  • él [ael']: he
  • ella [aeya]: she
  • eso [aeso]: it
  • bueno [buaeno]: good
  • malo [malo]: bad
  • muy [muy]: very
  • Yo SOY bueno. [Yo soy buaeno.]: I AM good.
  • Tú ERES bueno. [Tu aeres buaeno.]: You ARE good.
  • El ES bueno. [Ael' aes buaeno.]: He IS good.
  • Ella ES buenA. [Aeya aes buaena.]: She IS good.
  • Eso ES bueno. [Aeso aes buaeno.]: It IS good.
  • Eso ES MUY bueno. [Aeso aes muy buaeno.]: It IS VERY good.
  • Yo SOY malo. [Yo soy malo.]: I AM bad.
  • Tu ERES malo. [Tu aeres malo.]: You ARE bad.
  • El ES malo. [Ael' aes malo.]: He IS bad.
  • Ella ES malA. [Aeya aes mala.]: She IS bad.
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