At the Travel Agency

If you are day-dreaming while looking at your passport, then it’s high time to go on vacation.

After this lesson you will definitely know what to do in a travel agency: how to book a hotel room, how to choose eating arrangements and buy airline tickets! Also, of course, the most important thing is to find time for your vacation! :)

  • agencia de viajes: travel agency
  • alojamiento y desayuno (BB): bed and breakfast (B&B)
  • media pensión (HB): half board (HB)
  • pensión completa (FB): full board (FB)
  • excursión : to go on an excursion
  • resort: resort
  • tiquete de ida : one-way ticket
  • tiquete de ida y vuelta: round-trip ticket
  • reservar : to book
  • preferir: to prefer
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