Making pancakes

Once a woman came to her neighbor, who was making pancakes.
"Help yourself!", she said. The guest ate the pancakes so fast, praising them, so that the hostess couldn't even keep up with her, her neighbor was eating them so quickly.
"Your pancakes are awesome, but a bit thick."
"That's because you are eating 2 pancakes at a time!"

Let's learn how to make pancakes in order not to have to visit our neighbor, but rather to invite our friends and eat pancakes together!
Bon Appetit! :)

  • tortitas: pancakes
  • sartén: frying pan
  • hacer: to fry
  • huevo: an egg
  • romper: to crack
  • harina: flour
  • bol: a bowl
  • vaso: a glass
  • añadir: to add
  • mezclar: mix
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