Sports in the city

A young man was doing push-ups in the park near the walkway. While an old man was passing by, he said:
"You are wasting you time, she isn't looking at you anymore, she has already left!"

We are not going to the park, we are going to the gym! Let's remember some exercises that make our body stronger. We will learn what these exercises have in common and what the differences between them are. Then we'll really be able to enjoy the process! ;)

  • flexiones de pecho: to do push-ups
  • sentadillas: to do squats
  • fuerza: strength
  • flexibilidad: flexibility
  • fortalecer los músculos: to strengthen muscles
  • hacer deporte: to work out
  • aumentar la resistencia física: to build stamina
  • velocidad: speed
  • ejercicios cardiovasculares: to do cardio-vascular workout
  • relajarse: to relax
  • Hace ... años/meses que hago deporte.: I've been doing sports for ... years/months.
  • hace mucho tiempo: for a long time
  • Yo ... (hago sentadillas, flexiones de codos, corro.): I ... (do squats, go running, do push ups).
  • Ellos relajan los músculos, recuperan el aliento.: It relaxes your muscles, you learn to control your breathing.
  • La carrera, las sentadillas y el ciclismo fortalecen los músculos de las piernas.: Going jogging, doing squats and going cycling, all strengthen the leg muscles.
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