What time is it?

"How much does this watch cost?"
"Yes, you have fabulous taste! This is an excellent watch and reasonably priced, at 320,000 euros."
"Uhmm, and this one?"
"Also an excellent choice! Only 60,000 euros."
"Well, It's just that I would like something a bit less expensive, but from Switzerland. Do you have anything like that available?"
"Of course. You could buy Swiss cheese."

Yes, watches are necessary everywhere! Including produce from the supermarket. We wish you luck during your lesson about time!

  • tiempo: time
  • en una hora: in an hour
  • Que hora es?: What time is it?
  • son las cuatro en punto: it's four o'clock
  • son las cuatro y cuarto : a quarter past four
  • las cuatro y media : half past four
  • un cuarto para las cinco : a quarter to five
  • A que hora? : What time?
  • a las 5 p.m.: at five p.m.
  • a las 5 a.m. : at five a.m.
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