i2istudy: Teach your native language!

A customer brings cheese back to the grocery store.
"Why did you sell me Swiss cheese instead of Dutch cheese?"
The salesperson responds, "How do you know? Did you speak with it?"

As you can see, knowing a foreign language is incredibly useful! Let's get to know i2istudy a little better in order to find out how to learn a foreign language while teaching you own native language within our system!

  • enseñar: to teach
  • estudiar : to study
  • gratis : for free
  • idioma : language
  • idioma nativo: native language
  • hablante nativo : native speakers
  • extranjeros : foreigners
  • Tarea: homework
  • idea: idea
  • Vamos!: Let`s start!
  • Test: quiz
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