Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 2014

The developers of i2istudy make every effort to protect your data and privacy while preserving strict confidentiality of your personal information as well as data concerning your actions.

This Privacy Policy is intended to familiarize you with how i2istudy uses and protects the information you provide in the order of services and their respective exploitation.

If there are discrepancies in the Russian and English versions of the documents, then the Russian version of the document controls.

Collection and use of data

i2istudy reserves the right to collect and use information about you, which, among other things, the data may include the following categories:

  1. Information in connection with identification and personal data (name, e-mail address, birth date, country and city of residence, studied and taught languages, as well as other information which you might specify to your discretion for personal service settings);
  2. Information in relation to the identification of your computer or mobile device (IP-address, cookies, etc.);
  3. Data about your use of services, including information about your computer or mobile device, their platforms, and device connected to the Internet, client performance, error reports, the technical capabilities of your devices, the communication channels, statistics in relation to browsing pages, related users, incoming and outgoing traffic on the websites and the type of browser you use;
  4. The list of your contacts in external services and related data (access to contacts in the external services which you provide on your own);
  5. Your correspondence with technical support, as well as with other users;
  6. Data content and training sessions;
  7. Access markers for other accounts, which are related to your account in i2istudy (for example, for example your accounts on Facebook and VKontakte), which are electronic keys, being provided to the service for the purpose of being used to authenticate the user, instead of entering a password.

The purpose of using the data

The main purpose of collecting information is to provide a reliable, uninterrupted and efficient service. i2istudy collects and uses your personal information and access to it, to a permissible extent as it is necessary in order to:

  • provide communication via the Internet and video transmission;
  • modify and individually customize the service functionality;
  • display relevant information about your recent activity, as well as your communications and exchanges of information with other users;
  • Provide technical support and troubleshooting;
  • notify you about updates and errors;
  • ask you to provide feedback;
  • adapt, evaluate and improve the software service;
  • protect your interests and i2istudy, in particular, to ensure that the observance of our Terms of use are monitored, in order to prevent fraud and if so, to promptly deal with the said issues.

Disclosure of your personal information

Disclosure of your personal information i2istudy, with the exception as described below, agrees without your express consent not to sell, provide for the external use of, trade or does not otherwise share your personal data as well as data about your traffic and your online activities, except as required by applicable legislation or for the disposal to the competent authorities. Please note that the information which you voluntarily disclose in your profile is public property and can be viewed by other users.

It is possible that the reading, disclosure and preservation of personal data, including your confidential data, such as the contents of your correspondences with other users or your activity in the system, can take place if it is necessary in order to:

  • comply with applicable laws or respond to the lawful requests from a court of law from competent authorities, including from law enforcement organs or other authorities;
  • protect other users of i2istudy (spam prevention or attempts to commit other illegal acts);
  • Use security service, products and services, including the prevention or stopping of attacks on our computer systems or networks;
  • protect our rights or property, including ensuring compliance with the conditions governing the use of our websites, products or services.

If we receive information about illegal activities, we may refer the matter to a law enforcement organ.

i2istudy reserves the right to provide your personal details and information about your activities to an authorized court, law enforcement agency or government agencies in the case of obtaining them as a legally valid request. In the case of such a request, i2istudy takes appropriate measures to promote and provide the requested information, and you hereby consent to the disclosure of the information required.

The information may be stored and processed in any country in which the server hardware of i2istudy is located. Therefore i2istudy reserves the right to transfer information outside of your country. Your use of the service constitutes your agreement for i2istudy to transfer any information outside of your country.


By using the services of i2istudy, you consent to the use of cookie-files. You may at any time abandon the use of cookie-files or modify the settings in your browser (if your browser allows you to do so), or stop using the service. Please note that certain features are only available while using cookie-files, and if you choose not to accept cookie-files, these functions may not be available for you.

Types of files


Cookie-files ("cookies") are small files containing a string of characters (text) sent to your browser, server or website. A cookie-file may contain a unique identifier, but it does not contain your personal information, such as your name or email address. Your browser then saves cookie files on your hard disk; thus this file can be used by a Web site during your next visit. Other websites may also share cookie-files in your browser, but your browser does not allow these websites to access data contained in the cookie- files of i2istudy.


Web pages can also include empty GIF-images (so called web beacons), tracking pixels and other similar electronic images to deliver cookie-files on our sites and count users who have visited those pages. In addition, we use these images in our HTML- emails in order to find out which messages have been opened and processed, as well as to recognize users and analyze their behavior on our websites based on these actions. This allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of certain communication channels and monitor the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

Types of cookie-files

i2istudy uses disposable cookie-files, reusable cookie-files and local files for the public domain (cookie-files for Adobe Flash).

The disposable cookie-files are temporary cookie-files, or unique identifiers associated with your browser during your visit to the website of i2istudy. Once you close the browser, the identifier cookie single file is deleted, and the information about your visit is not saved.

Reusable cookie-files remain in the browser and after you close it, they can be used by your browser on subsequent visits to your current website.

Local sites with public domain or cookies for Adobe Flash are cookies, created using Adobe Flash technology. These cookie-files are stored on your computer as well as other cookies, but the management at the browser level is different from the management of other cookie-files.

Using cookie-files

i2istudy uses its own cookie-files for various purposes, including the following:

  • to identify you when you log into the network and in order to determine the way in which you came to our website;
  • to save your selected settings;
  • to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of our advertising and marketing campaigns and also to conduct research in order to improve our products and websites;
  • for security measures, such as an automatic exit from your account after a certain period of inactivity, during which you did not use your account;

Third party cookie-files

In addition to the cookie-files of i2istudy partners, the service can install cookies on your computer, use your cookie-files, use cookie-files already installed on your computer, as well as collect data about your online activities on web sites and online services when you use the service or visit the website.


i2istudy, with the help of its partners, Google Analytics and Яндекс.Метрика (Yandex.Metrics), which provide analytical services, collects anonymous statistics and analytical information on the use of the users of the service. In particular, our partners collect and organize data in connection to web browsing, pressed buttons and links on our sites, including search engines and keywords used in order to find our site, information about the links, which passed Visitors to our sites, and error and malfunctions in our client programs, etc. If you have linked to our Web site via a link in an e-mail message sent to us, such analytical data can be used to improve the effectiveness of targeted messages sent to you in the future. This analytical data is not monitored by us. For more information, please visit: and


On some pages i2istudy uses the built in service of Карты Google (Google Maps). In some cases, when working with map services you inadvertently accept cookie-files from Google. These cookie-files are not monitored by us. For more information, please visit the address

Video content

i2istudy includes on its site built-in video content of YouTube. In some cases, when you view such content you are accepting cookie-files from YouTube. These cookie-files are not monitored by us. For more information, please visit the address

User profile

Your personal data, this is the information which you provide when registering on i2istudy, as well as supplements and modifications for the further use of the service. This data is shown on the personal data page of your account. This includes your name, sex, date of birth, studied and taught languages, country and city of residence, location of residence, as well as any other information which you decide to inform about yourself on the service or social network with which you have registered.

By opening your personal data from your account, you can view, edit or add information, delete personal data, which is optional, as well as view your privacy settings on your personal data.

Web sites of third parties

The website of i2istudy may contain links with which you obtain access to other Web sites, thus leaving the web site of i2istudy. The web sites which have been linked to i2istudy are not monitored by i2istudy, and their use is governed by other provisions of the privacy policy. This Privacy Policy applies only to personal information collected through the website i2istudy, and the resulting relationship that exists between you and i2istudy. i2istudy assumes no responsibility for the actions of other websites.

Terms of agreement concerning storage of your personal information

i2istudy will keep your data as long as it is necessary to:

  • meet the goals and objectives of the service;
  • comply with the requirements of relevant legislation, querying regulatory agencies and relevant orders from competent courts.


This service is not intended for use by children under the age of 18 years. If you are under 18 years of age, you cannot use our service and should not provide any personal information.

i2istudy recommends that parents to monitor how their children are using the Internet in order to prevent the disclosure of any personal information of a child without explicit parental consent.

The mapping function

On some pages, the service may use a built-in maps service Карты Google (Google maps). For more information on the collection of information by Google through their mapping services can be found on the web page

Alteration of data

i2istudy may from time to time make changes to this Privacy Policy in accordance with the changes in our software, as well as in accordance with the feedback of users. When the changes to this Privacy Policy are published, they can be found on the web page We make updates with the last revision date indicated at the beginning of the document. You agree that your continued use of i2istudy constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy.

Correspondence with i2istudy

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about this Privacy Policy and its implementation, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or use the . After receiving your feedback, i2istudy staff will make every effort to respond promptly.

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