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Let's start from the beginning: select the language you want to study. You can change this at any time.
English is the most important language of the international trade, collaboration and business. If you are active and have many friends, English is a must!
Spanish is the second most common native language in the World. Passionate salsa, hot corrida, mesmerizing music of Montserrat Caballé will be available in the original!
German is the official language of the largest country in Europe, birthplace of the best cars, great philosophers and writers.
Russian is the most widely spread language in Europe, based on the number of native speakers. It is the most translated native language of Dostoyevsky and Chekhov.

The level of the target language

How well do you know this language? You can always change the level, is your elected level is too hard, or too easy for you.
I have never learnt this language, can’t read, don’t know a word.
I can read, know the basic words and expressions.
I have a reasonable vocabulary and understand written text, but I am not very good at understanding oral speech.
I have a large vocabulary and experience in communicating with native speakers, but lack speech practice.

What is your native language?

Select your native language or a language you speak fluently and can teach. Teaching others is fun!
If you are not sure if you want to teach, you can skip this. You can always select the language you can teach later.


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